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Looking for persons to assist with routine advanced mathematics and GOAL algorithm requirements! Coding experience is a plus!

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QuanTunnel is that which includes the analysis of Quantum Tunneling.
with PEARL Relative Frameworks.

Need scientists for impact studies bridge event readiness!
  • Must understand 1930s Einstein or Modern ToTLR 2017+ Modeling
  • Must be able to work independently and communicate via electronic or mobile postal systems.
  • Send an email to or
  • Resume and qualifications are not needed! Just a willingness to work, study, learn, and communicate!
  • There is not American defined age restriction for working persons.
  • WGO personnel seeking information on global impact studies or national readiness should contact laboratory management for documentation or consulting.
  • Einstein perspective logic does not solve earth studies for bridge event readiness.
  • This is not all human laboratory. If your communication results in unusual activity, this laboratory is liable.

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Quantum Tunneling, QuanTunnel are c1986-2016+ Marley Labs, Michael Marley
QuanTunnel Systems is a developer with technical analysis of next generation flight and weapons systems that are "not" super sonic or rocket driven. Analysis of these orbital solutions for soldier deployment and recovery is available where export regulations do not interfere with scientific participation among project technology sets.

Do not be a spy! Recovery, transfer, and analysis of technology from MarleyLABS and QuanTunnel Servers is protected by the

Economic Espionage Act of 1996 18 U.S. Code ยง 1831.
and applicable intrastate and international rules.

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