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Ask for Essay: Event Analysis 2014 Lasco/SOHO O|O Bridge with LIGO Confirmation and Analysis

Official DRAFT, You will need these works to understand the tunnel event witnessed that night. To such extent, as I have learned to explain. Please volunteer and contribute to the project! Add your name to the Quantunnel project with contribution!

"Time Light Relativity and Quantum Tunneling"
By Michael Joseph Marley Quantunnel v.001 385 Pg. v2012-v2017
By Michael Joseph Marley Quantunnel v.002 78 Pg. v2012-v2017
By Michael Joseph Marley Quantunnel v.003 30 Pg. v2012-v2017
By Michael Joseph Marley Quantunnel EMF v.004 27 Pg. v2012-v2017

Request QuanTunnel v.014 (selected numbering development map)

Descriptor: In 2014, a event was seen to travel from star to star to earth star. The path made a slight adjustment at each star from the distance, and to reach the next, eventually finding a star on a chair shape before our own. The light was observed just larger than the diameter of the stars in series and from the distance of fifteen or more stars, and the tunnel seen reaching this star from a threshold of observation in the distance. QuanTunnel and the TLContainer Projects have helped describe scientifically an event which was "faster than the known speed of light," and responsible for a "time affect warning" spanning the distance to the nearest star in series. This essay correlates these observations to anomalous events including sightings of two or multiple suns, rings seen around the sun, and incoming gas and debris from that same direction with the LIGO confirmation. This essay uses QuanTunnel v.001 Draft and TLR Gravity Modeling qt v.019 to understand the observation and place the event in Space Time. A transit was observed along the path. This essay also attempts to calculate time to impact or arrival.

Problem Model: Annual UFO sightings are near several thousand. The radio sphere and RuL model suggest the information that is accessible at a light year distance from our star, and from our planet. The light observation from the tunnel work, was very long spanning many stars, and anomalously fast, and might affect the return observation for the radio and the light correlated with annual ufo sightings. Because the tunnel event was so long, and the light seen from such a distance, the annual sightings is not expected to decrease. The deep space return observations possible of that path in our direction, as perhaps, out of the ordinary, has a differing time to return observation (tTRO) model than what is natural. Earth star was not the only planet affected in that series. The tunnel event appear to travel to a shape in the stars, like a chair or big dipper, from the north west direction with my perspective west over the tree line, and then to our location.

Scientific Interest: Persons looking to contribute to this QuanTunnel research should use a full spectrum modified camera with a doublet lensing practice to capture at a perspective angle the light from the sun for observation. These should be correlated with SOHO/LASCO anomalies to understand what is captured by the camera. A consumer camera is used for this observation with a 720nm and 900nm doublet having a standard consumer pass (lense gap) width.

O|O - A lighted point, Marker, Lighted Point; This Represents Star to Star Intelligence.
This Agency is rumored to serve GAIA, GAEA and other world government organizations (WGO)
among the local star group.

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