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Looking for persons to assist with routine advanced mathematics and GOAL algorithm requirements! Coding experience is a plus!

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QuanTunnel is that which includes the analysis of Quantum Tunneling.
with PEARL Relative Frameworks.

Volunteer and contribute to editing, research, and more!

I am looking for artist and writers to help me work with
currently .001, and .002. V.003 will begin development
soon as v.001 nears draft completion. I will be recruiting
on freelancers and among volunteers for the project over
the next couple years. It is not easy to work with so much
information by myself! Contribute your time, experience, or
money to the project! Thanks.

Presentation of topic in v2012-v2015 was not complete or entirely correct.
Work has steadily progressed to v2016 and v2017;
Next Year v2018 Framework.Updates ..|..

t assignment: This event founding ToTLR Research at my perspective of
QuanTunnel, was seen in the sky at night, and I am unsure I can "make enough
noise" to have it known this was seen with my own eyes, not a camera, the
cause of witnessing five and multiple suns in our skies.

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Essays, and Development.
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Ask about: QuanTunnel +Modular
Ask About: QuanTunnel +Extensible

QuanTunnel 2016 v.014
QuanTunnel 2016 v.015 Coming Soon!
QuanTunnel 2016 v.016 Currently in Development.


of Laboratory produced Research, Drawings, Engineering
Schematics! TLR, RUL, PMTM, PEARL, RULER v1.3 and other
details available on request (or as loot! for some...)
Video not included.

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A research derivative of QuanTunnel

About Quantunnel!
  • QuanTunnel and Quantum Bell does not immediately use Scientific Journals! All information is available on request!
  • The First theory of Relativity developed as ToR was placed online, is not precise, and has since produced the Quantunnel Model with continued research.
  • All information produced by QT is considered Proprietary Data, and a request in writing must be made to the originator of the data at the laboratory.
  • To get involved with research, Volunteer!
About Quantunnel Research!
  • QuanTunnel and ToTLR research is an on demand laboratory!

Volunteer to work remotely with researchers!
To request documentation or analysis and volunteer!

Quantum Tunneling, QuanTunnel are c1986-2016+ Marley Labs, Michael Marley
QuanTunnel Systems is a developer with technical analysis of next generation flight and weapons systems that are "not" super sonic or rocket driven. Analysis of these orbital solutions for soldier deployment and recovery is available where export regulations do not interfere with scientific participation among project technology sets.

Do not be a spy! Recovery, transfer, and analysis of technology from MarleyLABS and QuanTunnel Servers is protected by the

Economic Espionage Act of 1996 18 U.S. Code ยง 1831.
and applicable intrastate and international rules.

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