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QuanTunnel is that which includes the analysis of Quantum Tunneling.
with PEARL Relative Frameworks.


The RULE is a discovery of the laboratory and the Ruler v1.3 is used to make measure. While it is dubbed Marley's RULE and uses a uLINE form, it is actually the "RULE of the Universe." Access to this 3" binder and several others requires written request to the laboratory. You can learn about how the RULE is understood for Government and How the RULE is understood for Belief.

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These evaluations are provided for events part of discovery process at Quantum Bell Research. Quantunnel is on the board of directors for the company, and with our science teams, and this section will give access to some insights regarding the events of cosmic activity and planetary history in our areas of travel and survey work. In this section you can begin to understand, with a quick overview, the topics discovered for foundations with respect to an American Theory of relativity, early stated as a "ToTLR" model," with no means to really tell you exactly what it will look like as it grows with age, application, and study.

Event Portfolio and Analysis (Essays)

Event analysis is lab internal, and some information is provided to the public without request. Scientific Concepts

Where there are no links available, check back regularly for amended and corrected information.
  • uLINE
  • RULE (Science); RULE (Government)
  • ToTLR Model
  • RLR
  • Theory Of Relativity
  • The QuanTunnel Event
  • Quantunnel Framework V.001
  • Quantunnel and ToRLR Extensible and Modular Frameworks
  • Research Interests
  • QBI has special Interest in telecommunications forensics.
  • Scaler Clocks and FRBs Probabilities (QT v.007)
The text books and data sets depicted above are not ready for release. If you would like to contribute to research, development, webdesign, property maintenance, and more, you must contact our library and apply to gain access to pre-release work. Quantum Research is banned, and tunnel research could consume the planet if it is successful. This laboratory is established to understand the impact these events could have on our planet as seen in the sky, and with no plans to attempt the transit of a craft or planet. Our work might someday support our observation of planetary defense initiatives, recovering information enabling men to enforce "no construct declarations" by this and other nations of unnatural technology, and enabling a natural flight from this surface to others with flight systems technologies having no dangerous levels of energy storage on board.

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Presentation of topic in v2012-v2015 was not complete or entirely correct.
Work has steadily progressed to v2016 and v2017;
Next Year v2018 Framework.Updates ..|..

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QuanTunnel 2016 v.014
QuanTunnel 2016 v.015 Coming Soon!
QuanTunnel 2016 v.016 Currently in Development.


of Laboratory produced Research, Drawings, Engineering
Schematics! TLR, RUL, PMTM, PEARL, RULER v1.3 and other
details available on request (or as loot! for some...)

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QuanTunnel c1986-c2018+; anARK calendar c3.x Marley Labs, Michael Marley
QuanTunnel Systems is a developer with technical analysis of next generation flight and weapons systems that are "not" super sonic or rocket driven. Analysis of these orbital solutions for soldier deployment and recovery is available where export regulations do not interfere with scientific participation among project technology sets.

Do not be a spy! Recovery, transfer, and analysis of technology from MarleyLABS and QuanTunnel Servers is protected by the

Economic Espionage Act of 1996 18 U.S. Code ยง 1831.
and applicable intrastate and international rules.

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